About Shoreline Tech

Shoreline Tech is a New Haven area based LLC whose mission is to create, deliver and manage top tier technology products and solutions that map to your business needs. We have a highly skilled talent pool specializing in web development and IT infrastructure, software, hardware and embedded solutions. With several decades of experience in these areas, Shoreline Tech's team has produced the highest caliber professional solutions in a wide range of applications from Web2.0 websites to custom streaming multimedia, database design and custom database engines, audio and video processing, denoising, compression, target detection and tracking, spectral and hyperspectral imaging and systems, to name a few.

We offer a full line of services from business, product and market analysis, planning and development, requirements analysis and specification to engineering and construction, testing/QA, integration, managed services and product support. Shoreline Tech operates according to our core values of Customer Focus, Integrity, Excellence and Innovation:

Customer Focus — Your success is our success. Shoreline Tech will work with you to understand your needs and deliver the highest value to you.

Integrity — Shoreline Tech operates according to the highest ethical standards

Excellence — Shoreline Tech seeks to find win-win propositions, to operate effectively and efficiently from a position of informed decision making, and to achieve continuous improvement in our business process

Innovation — Shoreline Tech's team has a proven track record of innovation from intellectual property and engineering to business methods and models. We have a core commitment to provide innovation to maximize your value.